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Health Care Reform Employer Mandate

Are you an employer concerned over the impacts of Health Care Reform? Wondering how to balance providing benefits and protecting your bottom line? We’re here to help!

Let us help you find a health plan that meets your budget needs and offers the flexibility and choice your employees deserve.

How Does the Health Care Reform Law Impact My Business?


We know you need to protect your employees and your company. The impact of Health Care Reform employer requirements is different for small employers and large employers.

Small employers can to decide whether to offer group health coverage or provide options for employees to enroll in an individual health plan.

Large employers  can decide whether or not to offer group health coverage however, new rules will impact those decisions.

How Does Health Care Reform Impact My Bottom Line?


We all know change is coming, and the financial implications will impact how you provide coverage for your employees. There is a lot of information to consider: Small business tax credits, employer responsibilities and different coverage options are just part of the equation.

Small employers: learn about your financial incentives and strategies under Health Care Reform.

Large employers: learn about your responsibilities and strategies under Health Care Reform.

How Does My Business Apply For Coverage?


How you apply depends on the size of your business.

Small employers and brokers can choose whether to apply directly through RMHP or through Connect for Health Colorado. RMHP is a Qualified Health Plan in Connect for Health Colorado.

Large employers and brokers will continue to work directly with RMHP  to purchase or maintain their RMHP group plan coverage.

How Can RMHP Help?


Rocky Mountain Health Plans is committed to helping you understand Health Care Reform and make the health insurance decision that is best for you and your employees. We’re in this together. Let us help!

Contact us at 1-800-453-2981, option 4 or write to us online.